Battle Royale is very different from the other events. First of all, there are offensive and defensive event monsters. The offensive event mobs do not do extra damage, they yield a higher amount of trophies. The defense event monsters give bonus trophies for each successful defense. When a match starts, there will be 5 opponents from the other troop to choose from to fight. They will each have different trophy amounts based on their power rating in comparison to the other available opponents. If you have event mobs and/or the trophy bonus leaders have activated their bonus, it will grant a bonus to those set amounts.

Offense Event Monsters

If you are trying to place high individually in Battle Royale, offensive/attack monsters are vital. Without them, your maximum potential for each victory is greatly reduced. Depending on the evolution and rarity, they each give different bonuses.

Troop Trophies

Having event monsters is, for the most part, only individually beneficial because the troop simply gets 100 trophies for each energy used in a victory. However, players with event mobs are probably using more energy, so in that way they benefit troop trophies.

Battle Royale Offensive Event Monsters

Evolved Rarity Name Bonus Trophies Monster Image
Rare Dynoflight 20% BR
X Rare Dynomight 40% BR
Super Grind-o-matic 50% BR
X Super Punch-o-matic 120% BR
Ultra Mightsprite 100% BR
X Ultra Mechsprite 200% BR
Epic Siegebeast 150% BR
X Epic Siegedragon 300% BR

Defense Event Monsters

When spinning, you may get excited when you win an event monster, but greatly dissapointed if it is a defense monster. These are not worth as much as the offense monsters, but they still have value. The defense team trophies add up and you could be earning trophies while you aren't even playing during a match.

Battle Royale Defensive Event Monsters

Evolved Rarity Name Bonus Trophies Monster Image
Rare Megadrone 20% BR
X Rare Gigadrone 40% BR
Super Mossmauler 50% BR
X Super Mossbrawler 120% BR
Ultra Wardog 100% BR
X Ultra Warhound 200% BR
Epic Dragoncrest 150% BR
X Epic Dragonaegis 300% BR

Monster Merging


Use merging to make your best monsters even stronger.


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