Like Sanctiflyer, Exodawn used to be a one day event between 5 and 10 day events. Recently they have both been changed to 5 day events. The rock event monsters used in Sanctiflyer also applied to Exodawn, but for the June 2017 Exodawn, the event name became Exodawn's Revenge, the boss element was changed to rock, and additional wind event monsters were added. The event bonus for each set of monsters applies to Exodawn, but the wind set's elemental bonus of 25% also applies.

Each boss limb requires 10 specials to engage and has a different element special they require. Specials can be farmed by element based on the common monster battled. See the table below.

Limb Special Common
Head special common
Top Left Arm special common
Top Right Arm special common
Bottom Left Arm special common
Bottom Right Arm special common

Wind Event Monsters

Evolved Rarity Name Bonus Attack Monster Image
Rare Flutturtle 250% SJ
X Rare Fluttortoise 600% sj
Super Fennekit 500% sj
X Super Fennekat 1100% sj
Ultra Aeroaptor 900% sj
X Ultra Veloftiraptor 2100% sj
Epic Basilift 1500% sj
X Epic Garishgoyle 3000% sj

Rock Event Monsters

Evolved Rarity Name Bonus Attack Monster Image
Rare Geostompus 250% SJ
X Rare Geomorphus 600% sj
Super Blubash 500% sj
X Super Blublast 1100% sj
Ultra Indigono 900% sj
X Ultra Indigordo 2100% sj
Epic Psychoiron 1500% sj
X Epic Psychosiren 3000% sj

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