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Battle Camp PvP stat calculations are very complicated. Health is the most difficult to figure out because there are buffs applied during normal PvP and league. During normal PvP, the buff is 2x and during League it is 4x. This page focuses primarily on HP, but below that there is information and a calculator for attack and recovery as well.

Why PvP HP Is So Important

The HP of your monsters determines which will get hit by certain actives first. Attack actives tend to attack the 1-3 mobs with the highest HP. The mob with the least HP on your team will get hit by 3 gem combos. Making it so your most important mobs survive is essential, especially with old passive teams. Read more on this and PvP in general on the PvP 101 page.

How Health is Calculated

The health calculation uses a combination of the bonuses amounts before the buff is applied and entire percentage bonuses in addition to the base health. It was extremely difficult to figure out. You're welcome. Before the buff is applied, the numbers that show in the monster's displayed stats are zodiac and passive. The percentages used are passive and equipment bonuses.

*Note that R-Boost is always a permanent base statistic

Things Applied to Health in PvP

  • Base health
  • Armor equipment (health bands and collars)
  • Any HP jewels on any equipment
  • Zodiac value before calculations
  • Passive value before calculations
  • Passive percent

Things Not Applied to Health in PvP

  • Zodiac Percent
  • Non HP equipment(shivs, claws, trinkets, baubles)
  • Non HP jewels, even on bands and collars
  • Zodiac value before calculations

Health Equation

Feel free to do the calculations yourself, but I highly recommend using the calculator to make life much easier for yourself. The only difference with this stat between regular PvP and League is the HP buff.

Normal PvP

(((Base Health * 2) + Zodiac Value) * Passive Percent) + (Base Health + Passive Value) * Total Equipment Percent

League PvP

(((Base Health * 4) + Zodiac Value) * Passive Percent) + (Base Health + Passive Value) * Total Equipment Percent

Getting the Numbers For the Calculator


For the examples, I will be using my Nightblight and my Lionbling they both have different factors calculted into HP that the other does not.

Base HP

The best way to get the base statistic is from the main view of the monster because it will have any R-Boost included in that number. It can also be found by going into the monster stats details and adding together the base and R-Boost.

PvP Stat


PvP Stat PvP Stat
Hence, the Lionbling's base HP = 23555


For this example I will be using my Nightblight because it has crusader, a passive that adds HP, unlike the Lionbling who's warrior passive does not.

Passive Number

To get this number, you must go into the monster statistic information. It is the same as obtaining the base statistic and R boost separate. The normal number of points increase for HP from the passive is shown in that stat listing.

PvP Stat PvP Stat
Hence, the Nightblight's passive HP number = 9652.5
Passive Percent

Once again, I will be using my Nightblight due to his passive that adds HP. Simply click the passive icon in the main view of the monster.

PvP Stat PvP Stat
Hence, the Nightblight's passive HP % = 54%

Zodiac Number

Using the Lionbling again, this is displayed in the stats details where base and R boost could be found that was mentioned above.

PvP Stat PvP Stat
Hence, the Lionbling's zodiac number = 6595.4

Equipment and Jewels

This part can be a little complicated because there are 3 things to take into consideration. First of all, obviously, is any HP band or collar. Secondly, any socketed HP jewel in the first position on that band or collar. Lastly, an HP jewel can be socketed in the second position on an attack shiv or claw. All jewels for HP must be used in the calculations. No non-HP jewels matter(even if on a health band or collar). I am using the Lionbling for this example because he has all 3.

Health Band or Collar

A jewel will be in the first slot on a health band or collar if it applies to HP. The bonus % of each are displayed at the bottom.

PvP Stat
The Lionbling's collar adds 2.5% and the jewel adds 6.5%, so the total bonus % from this piece of equipment = 9%
Attack Shiv or Claw Jewel

Only a jewel in a the second slot on an attack shiv or claw applies to HP. If there is one present, that gets calculated into the total equipment bonus for HP as well.

PvP Stat
The jewel on the Lionbling's claw adds an additional 6.5%, so added to the previous 9% the total equipment % = 15.5%

PvP HP Calculator

Base HP

Passive Number

Health Passive Percent
Zodiac Number

Equipment Percent


Normal PvP HP:

League PvP HP:

*Results may be off by a few points due to decimal points not being shown and rounding in weird places

How To Check The Results

To see the actual numbers during PvP or PvP league you must click on the monster as if to turn off autocast for the active ability. The health for the match will be displayed. This also applies to stump matches.

PvP Stat

How Attack and Recovery are Calculated

Attack and Recovery are actually reduced during PvP. Equipment, jewels on equipment, zodiac bonus, and troop buff(for attack) do not apply to PvP nor League. It is simply the base statistic with the passive bonus(if there is one) applied directly to it. Simply use the same techniques to get the base and the passive percent shown above.

Things Applied to Attack and Recovery in PvP

Things Not Applied to Attack and Recovery in PvP

PvP ATK and RCV Calculator


Base Attack

Attack Passive Percent


Base Recovery

Recovery Passive Percent




PvP 101


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