10 Day Raid Events

Typically, these events occur around holidays and are themed accordingly. There are certain things that are consistent with all 10 day raid events:

  • There is a main boss and a mini boss
  • The main boss will require specials to be engaged
  • Each time it is engaged, it will require more specials
  • Winning a mini boss fight always gives a special
  • To engage the mini boss, you must battle a certain number of mobs in the event zone
  • It will increase each time, but the max needed is 10
  • You have the option to use 1-10 energy while farming
  • Farming gives the chance to drop event tokens
  • The mini-boss drops 5 event tokens
  • The tokens can be traded in for various things such as energy, event supers, and costumes
  • Troop vs Troop matches occur twice a day

Halfway into the Event

After 5 days, there are certain things that occur. The event epic is released and can be won in the event grab. The boss now has a chance to be enraged and if it is, a victory will give double trophies. Because of these things changes at the midway point, a lot of troops hold off on engaging the boss until the midway point. Considering that more specials will be needed to engage the boss each time, it is a popular strategy for everyone in the troop to farm and hold as many specials as possible in their inventory. Check out the article about Making Inventory Space so that you can contribute as much as possible to your troops boss engagements!

Troop vs Troop

Twice a day during a 10 day raid event, Troop vs Troop occurs. Matches are at 6:00am and 6:00pm UTC. The winning troop gets 1.5x bonus trophies at the end of the match and the losing troop gets 1.25x bonus trophies. To participate, visit the little wolf ranger in the event zone. If Troop vs Troop is not currently occurring, he will tell you how long until the next match. To participate in TvT, troops must have at least 1000 troop trophies and be in the top 5000 troops. If your troop is waiting until halfway into the event to engage bosses, be sure to engage enough to qualify for TvT.


Event Tokens

Event tokens have a chance to drop while farming and can also be won by defeating the mini boss. Tokens roll over from other events and they have a chance to drop in other events such as Celestial Towers, Exodawn, and Sanctiflyer. Tokens can be traded to Wonky Kong in the event zone.

Feeding Feeding

Making Inventory Space


Make room in your inventory for donation specials during raid events.


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