Salvage & Crafting

Salvaging is a great way to get rid of monsters you don't need and upgrade to higher rarity monsters. When salvaging, event monsters also give a treat of their rarity that can be used for R-Boosting.

The higher the rarity, the less essences, the more stones, and time to hatch is required. Only reward epics can be salvaged and they will only give treats because legendary monsters can not be crafted.

Warning: Salvaged monsters are completely and irretrievably destroyed. Make sure to only salvage monsters you don’t want.

Essences & Rewards

rare essence

Rare Essence

super essence

Super Essence

ultra essence

Ultra Essence

super egg

Super Egg

ultra egg

Ultra Egg

epic egg

Epic Egg

How to Salvage a monster

In the troop hall, the salvage machine is conveniently located across from the forging equipment station.

Simply click the salvage machine and you will be presented with a menu of the monsters that you have available for salvage. The number of essences that you have are displayed at the top. Swipe to the left to craft or see how many essences and stones are needed to craft. Each salvaged monster yields 1-7 essences(2-14 if evolved).

rare essence

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