Celestial Towers is a recurring event, but does not always use the same event monsters. As with other Battle Camp events, the boss is engaged by donations. However, with Celestial Towers the donations are made with moon and sun tokens. They do not take up spaces in your inventory and can be saved for the next occurance of the event. To farm a particular emblem, you must climb its corresponding tower. Each tower has 10 floors, and each floor gives a different amount of trophies and emblems. The sun and moon towers have different bosses, so one tower might be easier for you to climb up to a particular level. Event tokens have a chance to drop and 5 drop at a time. They can be traded in for event supers, energy, specials, costumes, etc. just like with raid events.


Once the donation requirement is met to fight the boss, it can be engaged on Easy, Medium, Hard, or Extreme. Each time the boss is defeated, the next time the boss will be more difficult. Each difficulty scales separately. Basically, if you engage a hard boss, the difficulty of the extreme boss will not increase. Each time an Extreme boss is defeated, it has a chance to drop a second evolution crystal or candy special.


The donation requirement to engage a boss increases each time, but the cap is 200 emblems when the boss allows 8 hours to complete and 100 emblems if it allows 4 hours to complete. Sometimes the boss will need moon emblems and other times it will need sun emblems. This is random. It is good to have your troop farm both to be ready for both scenarios. With each energy used to fight the boss, an attack combo will build. The combo will drop if 15 minutes go by without a hit. Each hit will add to the attack bonus with the max bonus attack being +50% at 150 energy worth of hits. This could mean 15 hits with 10 energy or 150 hits with 1 energy. Any combination of hits works as long as 150 energy is used. With an active, full troop it is rarely an issue to keep the combo going.

Tower Information

Floor Energy Suns Trophy Trophy Sun Boss Moon Boss
1 1 1 10 80 Rock Fire
2 2 2 20 170 Wind Leaf
3 3 3 30 270 Water Water
4 3 4 40 285 Fire Wind
5 3 5 50 300 Leaf Rock
6 5 9 100 525 Rock Fire
7 5 10 125 550 Wind Leaf
8 5 12 150 575 Water Water
9 5 20 200 600 Fire Leaf Wind
10 8 40 400 1040 Rock Wind Water Fire Rock Wind Water Leaf Fire Leaf Water Wind Fire Leaf Water Wind

*special shoutout to my good friends and PvP pros 1Walkingstick and Gutterspike in addition to a new friend, Darkescence for helping me get this information

All 10 Sun Tower Floors

All 10 Moon Tower Floors

History of Celestial Towers Event Grabs

Date Rare Super Ultra Epic
5/29/2017 CT CT CT CT
1/31/2017 CT CT CT CT
12/3/2016 CT CT CT CT
10/4/2016 CT CT CT CT
8/2/2016 CT CT CT CT
6/21/2016 CT CT CT CT
5/3/2016 CT CT CT CT
2/10/2016 CT CT CT CT
11/25/2015 CT CT CT CT
9/1/2015 CT CT CT CT
5/5/2015 CT CT CT CT
2/24/2015 CT CT CT CT
1/20/2015 CT CT CT CT
12/16/2014 CT CT CT CT
10/15/2014 CT CT CT CT
9/9/2014 CT CT CT CT
7/30/2014 CT CT CT CT
7/15/2014 CT CT CT CT
6/18/2014 CT CT CT CT
5/21/2014 CT CT CT CT
4/9/2014 CT CT CT CT



Work with your troop to claim the Dominion towers. Grab 3 towers to gain double trophies from each hit.


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