The Dominion event zone has a tower for each element. The bonus of the event mobs for Dominion only apply to the towers that they are strong against. Each tower has a particular zodiac bonus with the exception of the rock tower. The tower bonus monsters are considered to have a higher value. However, once the rarity of the monster increases the 25% bonus can make little difference. For example, a perfect evolved epic event monster carries a 2700% bonus. At this point, passive abilities become less important as well.


Old Rules

With the first set of rules for Dominion which are still used regularly, troop trophies are based off of individual trophies. To win a match, your troop must have more points at the end. Points accumulate for every second that a tower is held. If your troop wins a match, total trophies for the troop will be doubled. A loss will result in a reduction of troop tropies. Individual trophies are not effected by this. If you have been saving up resources for Dominion, save them until your troop is most likely to win. It is smart to do this not only for the double trophies from holding 3 towers for yourself, but also the doubling of the troop trophies for the win. All of the towers will still give double individual trophies as long as 3 of them are claimed.

New Rules

The newer rules that were introduced to Dominion require a slightly different strategy for troop trophies. The point system that determines winning or losing a match is the only factor that applies to troop trophies. The following information applies to troop wins and losses for the old rules, but the details of how the point system works is much more important to understand with the new rules. The maximum number of points/trophies possible per round(with very precise planning is possible) is 17,700. How this is calculated:

  • Matches are 60 minutes(1 hour) long
  • Each hit lasts for 1 minute, so there are 59 minutes a tower can be held
  • 60 seconds per minute x 59 minutes = 3540 seconds per match
  • 3540 seconds x 5 towers = 17,700 possible points

When your troop has surpassed half of the total possible points(8,850) it is a guaranteed win because the other troop can not get more than that. To check the score, visit Sarge below the rock tower and refresh whenever you would like to see an updated score.


Zodiac Bonuses • Event Monsters

wind tower
wind mobs

leaf tower
leaf mobs

rock tower
rock mobs

water tower
water mobs

fire tower
fire mobs

Sanctiflyer's Judgment


Defeat the world boss by destroying him limb by limb.


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