Crystal Siege

The Crystal Siege is one of the newest recurring events. The event bonus percentages for the event mobs are the same as Dominion with rarity and evolution. There are zodiac bonuses, but unlike with Dominion, they are random.

  • Rare 250% PE 600%
  • Super 500% PE 1100%
  • Ultra 900% PE 2100%
  • Epic 1200% PE 2700%

The Basics

* April 19th Crystal Siege has been extended to 6 days *

This event has a lot of things in common with the other recurring events. It is also similar to Troop Wars in the sense that you need to have multiple teams to do the best. Although, unlike Troop Wars, you need 5 teams instead of 3 for every element. Just as with Troop Wars, sometimes you get lucky, but it is best to have all the teams. Another thing similar with Troop Wars is that when one boss is defeated, people in the troop get more trophies for hits on the next enemy.

Bosses and Trophies

For Crystal Siege, there are 2 guardians you must defeat before getting to the crystal. There are no bonus trophies for the first boss, but they have significantly less health than the second boss, so they go down much quicker. Trophies on the second boss get a 1.5x bonus. This boss has more health, but once the crystal is up, a 2x bonus is applied. Any hits on the crystal will yield double trophies! The first guardian has a different element than the second guardian, but the crystal is the same element as the second guardian. However, the zodiac bonus can be different for both guardians and the crystal.

  • Guardian 1 - 30,000,000
  • Guardian 2 - 100,000,000
  • Crystal - Infinite

Damage on bosses is displayed as a % and damage on crystals is not displayed due to their infinite health.


Guardians in the CS Zone


% Remaining on First Guardian


% Remaining on Second Guardian

When a guardian is defeated, their pillar will be empty. You can then attack the crystal. If you do high enough damage, it may appear the the crystal is taking permanent damage, but it will reset with each hit. Dominion towers are the same way.


Defeated Guardians


The Crystal


Battling the Crystal

Bonus Trophies

At the end of the match, you may notice bonus trophies have been added to your total. If you deliver the finishing blow to one of the guardians, you have the potential to get 10% bonus trophies from each guardian. The bonuses stack, so finishing off both guardians will add up to 20%. Another 10% bonus goes to the person with the most trophies. It is possible to get all 3 bonuses during a match for a total of 30% bonus trophies.


No Bonus Trophies


10% Bonus Trophies


20% Bonus Trophies


30% Bonus Trophies

Crystal Rewards

Lost Temple and Extreme raid bosses used to be the only way to get crystals. If your troop isn't strong enough to do Lost Temple on a regular basis, it can take a very long time to get them and the only way to do second evolutions is with crystals. Monsters that are twice evolved are extremely powerful. See the Evolution page for more information about second evolutions. When you look at your troop's guardians, there is a message that says something along the lines of "defend the crystal." As far as I know, at this point in time, there is no way to do this(I did my best haha).


Benchmark Rewards


Troop Goal Rewards


Attempting to Defend the Guardian

Eat, Pray, Cluck


The Easter raid event of 2017 features Chucko, a giant chicken boss.


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