Eat, Pray, Cluck

The Easter 10 Day raid event of 2017 features a giant chicken boss that goes by the name Chucko.

Things that are unique to this event:

  • There is a 2 hour time limit on defeating Chucko
  • The boss is not timed, it goes by turns
  • In the past, turn based was only 7 turns, but for this event it is 8
  • The specials needed to donate to the boss are Chocolead

Easter Trader

In camp the Easter trader can be found. He is a little bunny with a straw hat standing just to the right of Penny. He will take eggs in exchange for items in his shop. The items include energy, boosters, specials, jewels, stones, rerolls, and costumes. The eggs drop from farming anywhere on the map. If you use multiple energy in the event zone while farming and eggs drop, the number of eggs will be as much energy as you used. The Easter trader will be around until the end of April.


Battle Technique When Using 2 Swaps

If you don't have the actives Swap and Element Swap on your team, you really should consider it. Check out the article on Team Building to find out why.

This video features Swap+ and Element Swap+ monsters used to their full advantage. The difference between Swap and Swap+(also Element Swap and Element Swap+) is the cooldown. Without the +, it takes 4 turns for the ability to be ready for activation. With the +, the ability will be ready after the 3rd turn and will auto activate before the 4th turn. This means that with an 8 turn match, the abilities can be actived either after the 3rd or 4th turn and then again manually on the 8th turn. Once the ability has been cast, the cooldowns reset. To view the initial cooldown and normal cooldown of actives, check out the BCRank page on active abilities.

A More Detailed Explanation

The mechanics of this can be confusing, so here's a little bit of a breakdown. Suppose your team has Swap+ and Element Swap+. You take turn 1, turn 2, and turn 3. The abilities are now ready to activate. You have the option to manually activate one or both abilities before turn 4 is made. Any actives that are still on auto-activate and have not been made will auto-cast. Turn 5 the cooldown resets to 3. Turns 6 and 7 will leave your swaps both ready to activate once again before turn 8.

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