Into The Shadowlands

The boss for this 10-Day raid event is the Void Dragon who can only be engaged by donating the required glowleaf specials. Each time the Void Dragon is engaged, it will become more difficult and need a higher number of special donations with each engagement.

Important things to know:

  • There is an 8 hour time limit to defeat the Void Dragon
  • Hitting on the boss has the time limit of 1 minute
  • TvT occurs twice a day and lasts 1 hour
  • Matches for TvT are 6 hours before reset and 6 hours after reset
  • The winning troop after a TvT match gets a trophy bonus at the end of 1.5x for winning and the losing troop still gets a 1.25x trophy bonus
  • Sepcial donations do not exceed 40 per boss engaged
  • The boss has more health each time engaged
  • A miniboss battle will result in 1 glowleaf and 5 event tokens
  • To battle the miniboss, you need to battle a certain number of monsters in the zone and this number does not exceed 10
  • The specials needed to donate to the boss are glowleaf

The Miniboss

The miniboss is engaged by battling monsters in the event zone. Each miniboss battle increases the number of monsters you must battle, but the maximum requirement is 10.

This video features the miniboss battle on all difficulties. Check out the different waves of monsters and how hard they will hit for!

Easter Eggs

Battle Camp 10-Day raid events typically have "Easter Eggs", meaning that there are hidden characters in the scenery for the event. Have you spotted them all?

Easter Eggs

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is a video game for the Playstation 4. Both the half-bird half-mammal creature, Trico, and the boy that you play as in the game are hidden in the shadows.

The Last Guardian

1. Trico

The Last Guardian The Last Guardian

2. Boy

The Last Guardian The Last Guardian

Disney's Frozen

Chances are you are familiar with or have heard of Frozen. Most of the movie takes place in a snowy setting, and appropriately there are winter characters. Among them is an abominable snowman, Marshmallow. Behind the stairs he is striking a menacing pose.


3. Marshmallow

Frozen Frozen

Mario Franchise

The green mushroom that can be found at the bottom of the event zone is from Nintendo's Mario franchise. There are many Mario themed games on a plethora of consoles, and the green mushrooms are a consistent item throughout most of them. When acquired, the 1-Up Mushroom grants an extra life.


4. 1-Up Mushroom

Mario Mario


It makes sense that a game involving monster catching and battling would have a tribute to a franchise of the same type hidden in the event scene. By the Wind Waker, Suicine and an Unknown pokémon can be found.


5. Suicine

Pokemon Pokemon

6. Unknown

Pokemon Pokemon

Alice In Wonderland

Originating as a book and then adapted into a movie, the story of involves many unique and intriguing characters. One of them is a hookah smoking caterpillar she comes across during her adventure in Wonderland.


7. Caterpillar

Alice Alice

Celestial Towers


Climb the moon and sun towers for emblems to engage the Tower Warden.


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