R-Boosting is a bit different than passive leveling. The rarity does not matter. If the monster is rare or epic, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is the rarity of the feeder. R-boost points can grant your mob an incredible bonus. Because these points are applied to the base statistics, all bonuses including zodiac and passive abilities will gain an increase. Only reward monsters can R-Boost.

Treat Specials

There are 2 ways to R boost monsters. You can feed the monster another reward monster or feed it a treat special. Treat specials can be obtained by salvaging event monsters. The rarity of the treat will be the rarity of the monster salvaged. Reward monsters and treat specials will give different amounts of R-Boost points.

Eating Reward Monsters

If you feed a mob with R-Boost points to another mob, those R-Boost points carry over. This is especially useful if you advance in the game where you have R-Boosted second evolution monsters that you can no longer use. When you see someone posting that they are feeding a highly R-Boosted sevo R epic to a another mob in Battle Camp Global, at first you might be shocked. Why would someone do such a thing?

If successful, all the R Boost points carry over. With an epic, that is a 100% chance to transfer over every R Boost point. Feeding multiple treats or monsters to R-Boost at the same time will not increase the chances of the mob R-Boosting.

R-Boost Calculator

When trading an R-boosted mob on Pennypop Support, it will display the bonus granted by the R-boost points, but not the actual number of R-boost points the monster has. This nifty calculator makes it quick and easy to figure out if the R-boost points listed are correct. Making sure the R-boost points are correct is especially important if you are only using the mob to R-boost one of your mobs.

  • First enter in the number of R-boost points the monster is supposed to have in the purple boxes to the left.
  • Then enter the base stats in the white boxes to the right.

Check the numbers and make sure they are correct in the trade.

R-boost Attack
R-boost Hp
R-boost Recovery


If using the calculator is confusing, here are some detailed instructions on how to use it.

The Offer

Most importantly is the number of R-Boost points that the person you are trading with offerred to you. Those are the numbers you enter in the purple boxes. On trade listings, they can be found under the image of the monster in the purple circles.


Base Stats

You must get the base stats from the BCRank Catalog. Simply search for the monster and then enter in the stats listed.


Check The Trade

After you submit the numbers, go to Pennypop Support, log in with Facebook, and compare the results with the stats displayed before accepting or proposing the trade.


Types of Treats

special egg

Rare Treat

water special

Super Treat

rock special

Ultra Treat

fire special

Epic Treat

R-Boost Chance and Point Values

Rarity Chance to Boost Reward Mob Points Treat Points
Rare 2.5% 2 1
Super 10% 3 2
Ultra 40% 6 3
Epic 100% 9 4
Legendary 100% 40 Cannot be salvaged

Leveling Up


Level up more efficiently and quickly by using certain techniques.


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