Stone Guide

In Battle Camp, you can get stones in various ways. Some of which are through missions, farming, selling, and participation in certain events. When starting to play, it can be hard to get enough to do certain things that cost a lot of stones, such as evolutions. Here are some tips on how to get stones and how to not waste stones.

Quest Goals


Doing main quest missions almost always includes stones in the rewards for completing a mission. All players get a daily goal which is an additional side quest that can be completed. Even if a player has completed all the main quest goals, they will still get daily goals.


Battling and defeating monsters in any zone will earn stones. It is a good idea to farm whenever you have full energy.

Selling Monsters


Another benefit from farming is that the monsters that drop can be sold for stones. If you do event spins and happen to get an event rare, they are either half level(20) or max level(40). The higher the level, the more stones you will get from selling, so you can get quite a bit this way.

Feeding Efficiently

Feeding Bone

Feeding monsters always requires stones. There are certain techniques that make it so you don't spend as many and they can be found in The Feeding Guide.

Troop Hall Caves


Between events, the troop hall caves are typically open. If you battle in the caves on any difficulty, it has the chance to drop 300 or even 600 stones.

Daily Boss

Daily Boss

In camp, the daily boss is Abyssion. The other boss options are Killa Bullrilla in Teepee Hollow and Spitfire in Turtle Falls. One of the bosses can be battled after each reset. If you are able to defeat one of them on the "hard" difficulty, you will earn 200 stones.

Not Forging or Repairing Equipment

No Forge

If you are struggling with stones, it is much more important to save stones than to forge and repair equipment. If you are new to the game, they make a much larger difference when you have a stronger team, so don't worry about equipment just yet.


If you are good at PvP, you can bet 250 stones, and if you win you will get 400 stones. PvP can be very challenging in the beginning though. Another option is to use 2 energy to battle and a victory with this bet is 75 stones. Even if you are not good at PvP, sometimes you will get lucky using that method.

Certain Events

Troop Wars, Battle Royale, and Crystal Siege are known being very good sources for stones. Each time you battle in the event zone, you will receive a decent amount along with your trophies.



Stones can be purchased with gold, but it is not recommended because there are a lot of other ways to go about getting stones. The amount of gold needed to buy stones is also very high for what they are worth.

Using Stone Boosters

Stone Booster

Stone boosters are tremendously helpful for getting more stones. When activated, they will double your stones earned for 30 minutes. It is a good idea to plan to do some of the techniques above within that time period. For example, if you activate a stone booster 10 minutes before reset and do your daily boss on hard, you can then do it again after reset. With the stone booster active, the amount you earn from the daily boss is 400 stones, so with this technique you will earn 800 stones. Then you have 10 additional energy that you can use in another way to earn stones. If the troop hall caves are open, only use the minimum amount of energy(5) so that you have more chances to get stones. The amount of stones does not increase if you use more energy.

Trial By Fire


Work with your troop to collect event specials to engage and defeat Luminous.


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