Trial By Fire

The Boss

Trial By Fire Boss


For this raid event, the boss is Luminous. To engage the boss, specials must be donated. Each time the number of specials required increases, but the maximum needed is 40. The specials needed to donate to the boss are Puja. Hits on the boss are time based, allowing 1 minutes to attack. There is an 8 hour time limit for defeating the boss.


The boss can be engaged on 4 difficulties; easy, medium, hard, or extreme. An extreme boss has the chance to drop specials or crystals upon being defeated, but it is not guaranteed. Each time the boss is engaged, it will have more health. Troops often start out at the highest difficulty that they can handle and once it becomes too difficult, further bosses are engaged on a lower difficulty.

Enraged Boss

Trial By Fire Enraged Boss

Halfway into the event(with the start of day 6), the boss will have the chance to become enraged. What this means is that he has more health and gives 2x trophies upon defeat. An enraged boss is visibly more menacing than the non enraged form.

Troop vs. Troop

TvT matches can be one of your best sources of trophies. TvT matches occur twice a day. The easiest way to think of it is 6 hours before reset and 6 hours after reset. Each match is 1 hour long. The troop that wins will get an additional 1.5x trophies at the end and the loosing troop will still get a 1.25x bonus trophies.

The Miniboss

Trial By Fire Enraged Boss

The Flaming Pegasus

The miniboss for this event is the Flaming Pegasus can be engaged by battling monsters in the event zone. Each miniboss battle increases the number of monsters you must battle, but the maximum requirement is 10. Each time you defeat the miniboss, you will get an event special and 5 event tokens that can be traded in for trophies or costumes.

Evolved Rarity Name Bonus Attack Monster Image
Rare Pupskull 250% Trial By Fire Rare
X Rare Pitskull 600% Trial By Fire Evolved Rare
Super Thornhorn 500% Trial By Fire Super
X Super Scornhorn 1100% Trial By Fire Evolved Super
Ultra Mistmare 900% Trial By Fire Ultra
X Ultra Knightmare 2100% Trial By Fire Evolved Ultra
Epic Arachtor 1200% Trial By Fire Epic
X Epic Tarantulex 2700% Trial By Fire Evolved Epic
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