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The Importance of Maxing Monsters

One of the most important parts of Battle Camp is maxing your monsters. Any monster that you are using on your team should be maxed because you are losing out on a lot of strength for your team by not doing so. Event monster attack bonuses are applied to the base attack statistic and with them not being maxed, you are drastically reducing the advantage of having an event monster.


Uncommons and commons are the key to maxing the specials to then max your monsters. The monsters you farm in each zone have a higher feed value as you advance through the zones. Feed value is how many points of experience you will gain for each level by feeding that monster to another one.

The monsters in the Lost Temple Zone give the most XP(aside from specials), so once you reach that area, maxing your monsters should go much quicker.

View Commons/Uncommons by Feed Value

Elemental Advantage

If you feed a monster of the same element to another, there will be a 30% increase on the feed value. For example, if you feed a wind monster to another wind monster it will give 30% more experience points when fed. It is also applied during feeding booster use. There is no elemental disadvantage when feeding.

Gaining Levels

By feeding certain level uncommons/commons to others you can actually gain levels. For example, even without a feeding booster, feeding a level 1 uncommon a level 3 uncommon of the same element results in a level 8 monster of the same type. Thus, 4 total levels are gained. If they were different elements, the resulting monster would be level 7 and still 3 levels would be gained.

Gaining Levels

Feeding Boosters

Feeding Booster

Feeding boosters, while not required to max monsters, are one of the most helpful tools in doing so. During a feeding booster feed value is doubled, so this makes it drastically easier to max monsters.

Without a Feeding Booster

If you have just started playing Battle Camp, you may not have a feeding booster yet. Still, you should do everything you can to max your monsters. An issue in the beginning may be stones as well because it costs stones each time you feed one monster to another.

Feeding For Complete Beginners

Skip this section if you have advanced farther in the game to where you have feeding boosters and specials

You Will Quickly Get Better Monsters

A free Ultimate Grab spin is given to new players during the beginning missions in camp. Once you have the option to enter a refferal code, you can gain another Ultimate Grab spin by entering one. If you don't have any friends playing Battle Camp, feel free to use mine which is s9dh2a. You will also get a rare from your level 5 gift and the first mission in Teepee Hollow.

Hold Off On Feeding In Camp

Around level 4 and 5 feeding will first be introduced around getting to the "Defeat Nuclearwyvern" mission. Although 10,000 is the recommended PR, you should be there already from the other starting missions. Hold onto the commons in your inventory. In the next mission where you battle Penny the penguin, the same PR is recommended so you should still be able to complete missions without leveling your monsters up.

Only Level Monsters That Are Rare Or Better

Upon advancing to Teepee Hollow, the commons you fight will become more challenging so now is a good time to level up your monsters a little bit. You will also be battling rares occaisonally. You can probably defeat them with your current team, but it will go much faster if your monsters are leveled. I recommend feeding higher level commons to lower level commons to gain levels(as shown above) and then leveling up the rare(or better) monsters you have. They are much stronger than the commons and the commons on your team will eventually become food for them. Another advantage to feeding the lower level commons to the upper level commons is that it will cost much less stones. The monster you are feeding costs 5 stones for each level it has, so if your level 1 monster eats another, it only costs 5 stones.

Since you can feed 5 monsters at a time, saving up 5 higher level commons by doing the technique mentioned above, will be the best for your stones to level up your monsters in the beginning.

Feeding Booster Preparation


Feeding boosters can be hard to come by. You can get them from petting the troop pet, daily rewards, and sometimes they are available in gold packages. You should make as much room in your inventory for monsters to feed during a feeding booster as you possibly can. Check out my guide about making inventory space for some tips on how to go about doing so. The importance of this is that feeding boosters only last for 30 minutes, so every minute counts.

Have a Plan

The quickest, most convenient way to max specials is by feeding them other specials. If you have the resources to do so or at least enough to max a few of your specials this way, it will make things much easier. Often in preparation for a feeding booster I will get specials I plan to feed to level 1 specials to the level needed to max the other. The chart below shows what the required levels are to do this. There are a few numbers important to know and I would highly recommend keeping them handy if you are planning on farming during your feeding booster as well. Specials are going to be your best resource to max your monsters. That is basically their purpose in addition to evolutions. The most optimal way to max monsters is by feeding 1 special to another, so if you have enough to do so, I would highly recommend it. If this sounds confusing, here is a visual aid that may help to understand this concept better.


All specials require the same amount of experience to max(96,393 experience points), however different types of specials provide different amounts of XP. Regular specials and candies are considered normal. If you have a bunch of extra crystals laying around, they give even more. Super, ultra, and epic crystals provide even more than their basic elemental counter parts. Potency plays a big factor as well. Potents provide 2x XP, charged provide 3x, and energized provide 5x.

Levels To Max Experience When Maxed
Type Same Element Different Element Same Element Different Element
Specials     Specials
Potent Special 24 31 166,400 128,000
Charged Special 16 21 249,600 192,000
Energized Special 10 13 416,000 320,000
Potent Crystal 19 25 208,000 160,000
Charged Crystal 13 17 312,000 240,000
Energized Crystal 7 9 520,000 400,000
Potent Super Crystal 17 22 228,800 176,000
Charged Super Crystal 12 15 343,200 264,000
Energized Super Crystal 7 9 572,000 440,000
Potent Ultra Crystal 16 21 249,600 192,000
Charged Ultra Crystal 11 14 374,400 288,000
Energized Ultra Crystal 7 9 624,000 480,000
Potent Epic Crystal 15 20 270,400 208,000
Charged Epic Crystal 10 13 405,600 312,000
Energized Epic Crystal 6 8 676,000 520,000

Preparing Mobs Before A Feeding Booster

It is a good idea to have some uncommons(commons if just starting out) in your inventory that you level up with other ones while farming before you are planning to use a feeding booster, especially if you only have 1 available. If you have enough resources to feed specials to other specials, starting out a feeding booster with some higher level uncommons may allow you to reach the level desired to max another special(see the chart above for these numbers). By feeding available uncommons to a special and maxing a second special with that one, you will clear up another inventory space in addition to the spaces the uncommons were taking up, allowing you to do some quick farming with any energy you may be sitting on.

Event Specials

There is a type of special that does not provide very much experience. During 10 day raid events, there is typically a unique type of special that is used to donate to the boss to be able to engage it. These specials offer a feed value of only a 100 which is less than the lowest common feed value of 180.

View Specials by Feed Value

There is a small exception when it comes to event specials having such a low feed value. There are 5 in particular with a feed value of 400. These are Adoracub, Chocolead, Glowleaf, Lantern, and Hot Chocolate.


Be Patient

If you only have 1 feeding booster, hold onto it until you are completely ready to use it. If you are doing an evolution, make sure that you have all the required specials for that evolution and the materials to max both the monsters being used to evolve and the freshly evolved monster(it will start out at level 1). Check out the evolution page for more information on this. If you evolve but aren't able to max your monster, the resulting low level evolved monster may be weaker than your maxed, unevolved monster.


Battle Camp has a feeding animation where each food monster swirls around the monster eating it. This can be shortened by double tapping on the screen. If you plan to use any extra energy by accepting energy sent from friends or doing the daily boss, do this beforehand.

Monster Grab Spins


As mentioned above, having your materials ready is one of the most important things you can do before a feeding booster. Although Monster Grab spins can give you puzzle pieces, rares, and supers, they may also give you commons, uncommons, and specials. Jam pack your inventory with as much as you can from the start so you can do most of your leveling from the very beginning.

Know How Much You Need To Max

XP to Max by Rarity

Not Evolved 1st Evolution 2nd Evolution
Special Specials 96,393
Rare Specials 192,780 *500,000
Super Specials 294,750 769,484 *975,000
Ultra Specials 396,720 964,728 *1,200,000
Epic Specials *650,000 *1,300,000 *1,600,000
Legendary Specials 1,353,832 **1,549,386 *1,760,000
* = aproximate guesses, exact numbers being worked on ** = taken from lvl 4

Make Sure You Have Enough Stones For Evolutions


Stones Required For Evolutions

1st Evolution 2nd Evolution
Rare Specials 2,500
Super Specials 5,000 20,000
Ultra Specials 5,000 30,000
Epic Specials 8,000 50,000
Legendary Specials 30,000 100,000
Mythic Specials 100,000 200,000

Know What Specials You Need For Evolutions

Specials Required For Evolutions

1st Evolution 2nd Evolution
Rare Specials 4 [element] specials
Super Specials 1 super candy
3 [element] specials
1 super crystal
3 [element] crystals
Ultra Specials 1 ultra candy
3 [element] specials
1 ultra crystal
3 [element] crystals
Epic Specials 1 epic candy
3 [element] specials
1 epic crystal
3 [element] crystals
Legendary Specials 4 epic candies 4 epic crystals
Mythic Specials 4 epic candies 4 epic crystals
The mythic egg is not real, simply a design to make the tables easier to read ;)

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